5 easy steps to start your own blog

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Have you ever want to start your own blog? Do you know where to begin? What do I do first

These are just a few of the questions I encountered when I started Kelly Luvs Blog. It can be so overwhelming to the point of giving up.  I have learned so much over the past few months about not only starting my own blog but how to keep in running in top shape, without spending a ton of money. Below are the 5 easy steps to start your own blog

First: answer the question-Why do I want to start my own blog? Keep your answer in mind throughout each step

Step 1: Choose a blogging platform

I have started many blogs over the years and until Kelly Luvs I only used free sites such as blogger or free WIX sites.  Once I decided to launch Kelly Luvs I conducted lots of research on which sites are the best and the reasons behind it. As with any topic, I found lots of opinions.  I decided on the bluehost platform and wordpress to host my content.

To learn more, I took a 5 day class on “How to start a money making blog”. I  would recommend taking the free course. It was a great way for me to learn the basics of what I needed to do and through the class I got a discount on the platform & hosting costs.

One of the things I quickly learned is you need to figure how how much money you want to invest in your blog.

Step 2: Pick your domain name ie URL. For example

Next you’ll have to figure out your domain name.  This is an important step and should represent your blog in a few short terms or sentences.   Choose a name that is catchy, easy to remember and true to your personality. You can conduct a quick search for your ideal name and/or alternatives on bluehost. Once you choose your domain name you need to sign up for a bluehost account and pay for your domain (typically around $12.00/year).

Step 3: Install to begin setting up your new blog

Once you install you can begin learning your way around the dashboard and playing around with features.  You can choose to pay a company to set it up for you or you can choose to do it on your own.  I choose to do it on my own and have learned so much.  Yes I have made tons of mistakes along the way.  I have chatted with tech support multiple times.  However I am no regrets and have loved learning how to set up a site.

Kelly Luvs Blog

4. Design your blog

Now for the fun part! Start tweaking your blog design. Pick the best theme that goes with your content . Then add cool features to finish off. This was my favorite step in setting up Kelly Luvs.


You have many choices for the theme of your site.  You can choose from 3-5 free themes from wordpress or purchase a theme for a site like theme forest. For Kelly Luvs I choose a theme called Tiffany.  I want a clean and simple look for my site.  I paid $29.00


I had a logo designed through Fiverr.  If you have never heard of Fiverr I am about to blow your mind.  It is a game changer for graphics including logos, design, marketing pieces etc.  It is beyond affordable and you get access to professional designers.  You can purchase any kind of Logo Design for $5!! Seriously $5.00.  If you want multiple logos, different file types, etc it can cost you a little more.


Images or graphics will be an important part of your blog.  I am a amateur photographer and typically use my own images for my blog.  You can see my photos here. I recommend checking out canva and istockphoto.  Canva lets you create graphics for your blog. Istockphoto is a site where you can download images for your blog for free.


Choosing which plugins you want can be overwhelming and it seems the more I read the more confused I was.  I would suggest to start with a few:

  • Caching plug-in such as WP Rocket
  • Jetpack
  • Yoast SEO
  • An image plugin to reduce picture sizes such as WP Smush

Remember you want your blog to be quick and some plug-ins may actually slow down your site.  Make sure you only use the plugins text for your version of word press. I made this mistake and it completely crashed my site, needless to say but it was not a good day.

5. Finally, your blog is set up and now its time to Start Bloggging

You’ve got the basics down pat . Go explore the blogosphere and make your blog even more awesome! Now is the time to start writing and celebrate!

Also remember to sign up for Affiliate Link programs.  I suggest Amazon, Awin & CJ Affiliates to begin.  Affiliate programs help bloggers make money for products they promote.  Look for an affiliate program post on Kelly Luvs soon.

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