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7 Reasons to visit to Rocky Point Mexico and why its safe

7 reasons to visit to Rocky Point Mexico and why its safe!

If you follow me on Social Media you know I recently traveled to Rocky Point Mexico with my family.  I had many of my friends ask me if it was safe to go there.  Every time I hear this question I am confused and (giggle to myself of course).  The beach is one of my happy places so it would take a lot of convincing to keep me away (from the closest beach to me).

I have vacationed in Rocky Point many times (at lease once or twice a year) for the past 7 years. The first time I went was with my husband and two friends.  I had just moved to Arizona and was looking forward to the beach weekend.   At the time I didn’t have many friends (to voice their opinions) so I had nothing to fear.  I had been to many other places in Mexico throughout the years and had a fantastic time. We had an amazing time and couldn’t wait to go back. We booked our condo at Bella Sirena through VRBO which I recommend.

Driving to Rocky Point Mexico from Phoenix AZ:

Rocky Point aka Puerto Penasco is only a 4 hour drive from Phoenix and our closest beach.  It takes 3 hours to get to the border (Lukeville AZ) and 1 more hour on the (Hassle Free) Road in Mexico.  Rocky Point relies on tourism and would not survive without it.  Rocky Point is trying to build an international airport and cruise port but have no idea when either will be complete.

My 7 Reasons why you need to go to Rocky Point Mexico:

  1. Great Beaches                                :
  2. Nice Resorts
  3. Yummy Shrimp
  4. Family Fun & Friendly
  5. Aqua Aerobics (kidding, not kidding) or Banana boats
  6. Massages on the Sandy Beach
  7. Friendly People

Top Places I recommend to Stay that are safe in Rocky Point Mexico

  • The Mayan Palace/The Grand Mayan:
    • We have stayed at the Mayan Place/Grand Mayan the last 3 or 4 trips to Rocky Point
    • We use our timeshare week and book through Interval International.
      • I am so thankful for our timeshare so we can travel the world with our family
    • Beautiful pools and a lazy river
    • About 25-30 mins out of downtown Rocky Point but an easy drive
    • On-site dining available at 3 restaurants or pool bars. I highly recommend the golf course for dinner. Excellent food/excellent service and really reasonably priced for the experience and meal (see my amazing shirmp dinner, hubby had steak)
    • Lots of activities during the day and night.
    • Less business than condos on Sandy Beach
    • Top Golf Course
    • Be prepared to ask if you want to attend a timeshare at check in.  We were very against this at first but have attended and received some great gifts as a result that ended up saving us over $200
    • On-site kids club. Highly recommeded by my kiddos.  They attended twice during our week and loved it.  Hubby and I took advantage and had a date night.

VRBO Options

  • Bella Sirena on Sandy Beach Area:
    • Truly Beautiful resort
    • More on the quiet side.
    • Lots of green grass and nice landscaping
    • Many pools to choose from.
    • The pool bar is the only place to eat on premise besides your own kitchen.
    • Most condos are 2 bedroom/2 bath with a full kitchen, laundry and ALL have ocean views.  The condos are very well done and reasonably priced
    • You could also rent a home here on property
  • Los Palamos on Sandy Beach Area
    • Most of our friends choose Los Palamos. I have never stayed but spent the day there a few times.
    • Lots of activities during the day
    • 2 restaurants on site to choose from plus pool bars
    • Lazy river is fun
    • Great beach access
    • Most condos are ocean front
    • Can order room service

or you can choose yourself by clicking here through VRBO.

Please note: This list is not the only places to stay in Rocky Point.  There are other lots of very nice condos that are safe too.  This list is the resorts I am most familiar with.

Lastly, My Travel Advice for Rocky Point Mexico

  • Get passports for all family members, yes even your kiddos
  • Travel down and back in groups
  • Use common sense.  If you act like an idiot (anywhere), bad things could happen
  • Get Mexico car insurance on the drive down. You will see lots of places.  We usually stop in Ajo.  We gas up at Chevron and get the insurance next door
  • Bring some food but it is definitely safe and easy to shop in the grocery stores.  I recommend the store next to Sams Club.  They do not speak a lot of English but will give your total in English.  We love the chorizo.
  • Bring shrimp back before you leave town, its so good
  • Don’t believe all the people who tell you bad stories.  Maybe I have been lucky but I choose to think and really believe Rocky Point is safe, fun and family friendly.

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Plus, you know I cant end without a few more pictures.

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