About Kelly

Hi! My name is Kelly Dixon and I am a blogger and main contributor of Kelly Luvs.  I started Kelly Luvs in August 2017 after an epic family road trip.  Lots of friends wanted my advice and thoughts on trips they were planning and Kelly Luvs was born.  I write a lot about travel, some lifestyle, option and advice. I also love photography and so I am sure you’ll see some picture posts too.

A little about Kelly:

I was born in a small town in Western Montana and still love visiting my family there.  I moved to Northern California when I was 11.   For college I moved to the Bay Area and lived there for almost 20 years. We moved to Arizona in 2010, I now live outside Phoenix and love it

My Family:

I am married to my college (San Jose State University) sweetheart Dennis and we have two beautiful children. Our son Devon is 13 years old and daughter Maya is 9 years old.  They have complete opposite personalities which keeps us on our toes. My husband is originally from Belize. We love it there and hope to buy property one day.

We love to travel and spend time exploring the world.

What did Kelly do before starting Kelly Luvs Blog?

I worked in the tech industry in Marketing for over 16 years I absolutely love marketing and use all the skills on my blog now.

Why am I doing this blog?

My passion is spending time with family/friends, travelling, taking photographs and enjoying life to the fullest. I want to share my passion for life with you through this outlet and hope you will follow along in my journey!

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