Behind the Scenes at the Ellen Degeneres Show

My experience at the Ellen Show

I absolutely love Ellen and going to THE Ellen Show has been high on my bucket list for the past 10 years.  Well guess what, I got to fulfill my dream and it was all that and MORE!  We were lucky enough to get tickets and I will take you Behind the Sences at the Ellen Degeneres Show.

Tickets to the Show:

We got our tickets to the show through a work connection of my great friend. When she told us we felt like we hit the lottery!  I had tried for years to get tickets through the Ellen site but hadn’t been picked yet.

I assume you want to go to the show (because everyone should), click here to get your tickets for The Ellen Show. Good Luck friends!

Not only were we lucky enough to get tickets but we got VIP tickets.  Until we were at the show I had no idea what exactly that meant.

 Day of the Show: The waiting area behind the Scenes at the Ellen Degeneres Show

Our tickets said we needed to check in by 2pm on the day of the show.  We ended up checking in early since we were on the Warner Bros lot already and so happy we did.  We checked in at 12 noon and were told we needed to be back at 1:15.  Check in was simple, you need to show your ticket confirmation and your ID, simple and quick! We grabbed a quick bit to eat and checked back in at 1:15. We were given our Ellen VIP lounge tickets and the excitement was palpable.

You are sitting in an area and every single person feels as lucky as you do, it is incredible. They announced some rules of the day (no cameras allowed on the set, phones must be turned off, etc) and then she announced the guests of the show: Jimmy Kimmel, Neil Patrick Harris and the Gold Medal winning USA Woman’s Hockey team!  WOW!!!!

The Second Waiting Area behind the scenes at the Ellen Degeneres show:

Next, they start lining everyone into Groups: Number on your card, WB, CW, VIP, etc.  Not sure what all the codes mean.  Once your in your line, they walk you across the street by group into the next studio waiting area which you are in for a bit.  They came and grabbed our group first and we walked into the Ellen Shop/Riff Raff Room.  Since we had VIP tickets we were escorted into the VIP Lounge. We came back out to the Ellen Shop to get some gear.  Check out our cute sweatshirts at the end of the post. Everyone else stays in thier groups in the Riff Raff Room.


VIP lounge: Behind the Scenes at the Ellen Degeneres Show

Wow, what an incredible honor to be in the VIP lounge.  It was a special room for the 6 of us and 4 other VIPs.  It was incredible and we all felt so fortunate to be in there.  We helped ourselves to some snacks and drinks while we were waiting and of course grabbed some pics.  While we were waiting we heard all the groups in the other room move to the Ellen Set.  We heard them getting some instructions and having a great time.

Finally it was our turn.  We were led to our seats and felt incredibly lucky and special to have such amazing seats.  The energy on the Ellen set was so much fun.  They play great music, we danced, laughed and had the best time!  Twitch was announced and danced his way around the studio.  He is amazing and we loved seeing him!

Cameras rolling: Behind the Scenes at the Ellen Degeneres Show

Quickly after getting our groove on, Ellen was announced and here she was.  It was like a real life dream. She is real, LOL!  The audience erupted with excitement and pure joy! I was trying to take in every second, it was unreal to be there! Ellen opened the show and was so entertaining!  She announced the guests of the day and again the crowd erupted in applause!  She brought out her “twin”. It was funny and sent him to dance.  Unbelievably he danced down our aisle.  Back to Ellen and she talked some more.  Constant laughter and smiles happen for the next hour while the show continues.

The Guests: Behind the Scenes at the Ellen Degeneres Show

Neil Patrick Harris was the first guest.  He was there to talk about a new sparkling water called Bubly.  Ellen sent him to Target with an ear piece in his ear.  Ellen directs him and of course it was funny!   Watch it here. Not only was it funny but Ellen announced the audience was receiving a $150 Target gift card.  Could this day get any better??? Yes it can, continue reading.

Next was Jimmy Kimmel.  He spoke about hosting the Academy Awards and his son Billy.  Ellen surprised him by naming one of the rooms on the heart institute floor of the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital with a plaque honoring Billy Kimmel. Also she had the nurses in the audience who treated his son.  It brought tears to his (and our) eyes.  It was incredibly touching. Watch it here

The last guest was the gold medal USA Womans Hockey team.  It was incredible to see them after they beat Canada to win the Gold Medal.  They are an amazing group of win and it was an honor to see them.  They presented Ellen with a team signed hockey stick and jersey. Ellen honored them by permanently hanging their jersey in the studio.  Watch it here. As they left the stage the audience chanted USA USA USA!

Photo courtesy of the Womans USA Hockey Team Twitter account

End of the show: Behind the Scenes at the Ellen Degeneres Show

Shortly after the show wrapped. Ellen and Twitch thanked the audience for being there and danced off stage together!  We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take a photo on the ELLEN STAGE.  It is not allowed unless with a member of the Ellen staff. We were escorted out, given our gift card and it was over.  However we felt like we were still floating from the entire experience.




Our gear from the Ellen Shop: BE KIND to one another!

Watching your episode

It is surreal watching yourself on TV but absolutely thrilling at the same time. We were lucky to be able to find our group and a friend sent this picture.  My friend Jenn was on many times and I saw myself one more time.  Watching the episode was fun! We did notice some differences but overall the TV show was very similar.

I really hope you get to experience the Ellen Degeneres show behind the scenes too.  It was something we will always remember and will have the smile when we think about the day! I also feel so fortunate to have this experience with these 5 wonderful ladies.

As Ellen would say “Be Kind to One Another”

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