The Blogger Recognition Award – My 1st Award

I am so honored to be nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award!  Seriously, I am kinda in shock but so happy!


blogger recognition award


I was nominated by The Airforce Sweetheart, thank you Ranae!  I am new to the blogging world and was floored to receive Ranae’s email. Please go check out her blog!

So what is the Blogger Recognition Award?

The Blogger Recognition Award is given to bloggers by bloggers, to show the appreciation for the hard work. FYI, being a blogger isn’t easy and it needs more time, more efforts, and more emotions for giving the best for reader and ourselves also for sure.  Earning this means so much to me. Thank you again, Ranae!

So let’s talk about the rules…

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you! Also, provide a link so that others can visit their blog.
  • Share why you started blogging
  • Give some advice to new bloggers
  • Award 15 other bloggers!

Why I Started Blogging

I started blogging because I wanted a place to share my interests of travel, family, photography.  I will also give updates on my life and advice from cooking, shopping, etc. I have started other blogs before Kelly Luvs but this time I went all in. I always loved reading other blogs and thought I want to really try this! I am so happy I took that leap of faith.

My blog is a representation of myself. I write about everything I LUV!  I am so happy that I made the choice to start blogging. Its easy to talk about the things that mean a lot to me.

Advice on Blogging

  • Be your honest and authentic self
  • Share your post with friends and family. They are your cheerleaders and your biggest advocates
  • Do a ton of research before you begin blogging.  It can be overwhelming at first but it will start to make sense soon
  • Write your content like you speak, use your voice
  • Be Patient!

So, by excepting this award I also nominated 15 other bloggers!

Once again I really big thanks to The Airforce Sweetheart, thank you Ranae for giving me this chance!!

Here are my 15 Nominations and don’t forget the rules!

  1. antipode anadventurer
  2. Kats Chats
  3. This is a Sassy Life
  4. Ensemble of Elan
  5. Shes Beaming
  6. My footprints around the globe
  7. Daisy Daisy, my life my love
  8. Happy Science Mom
  9. Dainty Daisy Designs
  10. Lisa Designs Life
  11. EllDuclos
  12. Beside the Willow Tree
  13. New York Gypsy
  14. Cocoa and Bliss
  15. The Travel Critic

Congratulations for 15 Nominations, you are Awesome !!!

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A very Happy Kelly Luvs!

Luv, Kelly