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Celebrate love with these 5 date night ideas for Valentines Day

Are you looking for ideas to celebrate Valentines Day or normal date night?

Do you want to get out of your rut or always doing the same thing? Dinner and a movie anyone? Don’t get me wrong, I am always in for dinner and a movie but hopefully these ideas will spark an interest and get you out of your box. Come celebrate love with the 5 date night ideas.

Something to think about before planning my 5 date night ideas.

Do you want to spend a night in or out of the town?  How would you typically spend your evening?  Well there is certainly time for both in relationships and my list will contain both.  I usually make that decsion based on what I feel like wearing.  Am I alone in this train of thought ladies?  Here are some clothes options for you to think about from Amazon.  Clearly I was in the mood for love when I was looking, lol.

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Date Night Idea 1: Be a tourist in your own town

Is there a museum, venue, hike, etc have been wanting to visit or go do? DO IT.  Why do you have to wait for friends or family to come to town to visit?  You and your date need to both write a list of places you want to visit locally.  Pick 2 or 3 and go for it.  If your having troubles thinking of ideas check out trip advisor or groupon.

I remember when I lived in the Bay Area, my hubby and I took a day off work to go see Alcatraz.  We had so much fun, we only lived 40 minutes south but neither of us had visited the iconic landmark.  You may not have Alcatraz but I do guarantee you have a place that you have lived by for awhile and never seem to get there.  What about a new or old restaurant?

I live in the Phoenix AZ area and had never been hiking at Camelback Mountain.  My husband and I were celebrating our anniversary in Scottsdale when I brought this up.  The next morning we decided to go for it and had a great experience together.  If you live in the Phoenix area check out my post on Pogo Pass for additional ideas.

Date Night Idea 2: Volunteer

Ok, I know this may not seem very romantic but think of how you can work together to make someone else’s lives easier.  Can you feed meals to the homeless? Volunteer at church? Visit a rest home and meet some new friends?

The point of this idea is to connect to your date on a deeper level while helping your community out.

Date Night Idea 3: $10 Challenge Date

The Set Up:  You both get $5.00 to spend. Split up inside Target (or your local store) and set a time of 30 minutes.

The Task: Find something for your date for $5 or less (it is harder than you think).  You can buy one $5.00 item or multiple items that add up to $5.00

The Giving: Meet in the front after your 30 minutes is up to exchange your gift

The Winner:  The winner is who found a better gift, Winner can choose the activity for the rest of the evening.

Ideas to think about:  Can you find gifts that can be a date night?  For example what about popcorn and netflix movie? What about a gift card? Try your best to think outside the $5.00 limit.

Date Night Idea 4:  Romantic Dinner and a movie

OK, OK, I said these ideas are going to get you our of your comfort zone.  But just wait.

Part 1: How about you and your date try one of the make a meal kits that are so readily available now.  Such as Hello Fresh or one from your local grocery store?  Or having you been wanting to try a new recipe that your date would love?  The point is to make a meal TOGETHER. After you decide on the meal, make it and package it up to go.  Don’t forget to bring utensils, plates, napkins, drinks, etc.

Part 2: Download a movie on your ipad, kindle, etc and bring with you. Grab some blankets and whatever is needed to be comfortable.

Part 3: Pick a romantic spot.  You can go to a park, beach, watch airplanes, under the stars, lake, really anywhere but get creative!

Part 4:  Grab a drink, the meal and start watching a movie and remember to ENJOY

Date Night Idea 5: Relaxation

Grab your date and head to your local salon for a pedicure or book a massage. The point of this date is to relax and enjoy each others company.  The first time I took my hubby to get a pedicure all the ladies in the chairs were giving me a bad time. They kept telling me I broke “girl code” since they tell their hubby’s that getting a pedicure is a must not a WANT. I was cracking up laughing and finally let my hubby in on the conversation.  (He had fallen asleep during the foot massage, LOL).  He promised the ladies he would keep it a secret.  Every time I get a pedicure I giggle thinking of it.




OK, I certainly hope it helps you while thinking about or planning your next date night.  The point is get get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Until next time,


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