Labor Day Weekend

Who luvs 3 day weekends?


This year we planned a camping trip to Prescott AZ with 2 other families! In Arizona it’s still boiling hot and getting out of the heat is a must. Prescott AZ is less than 100 miles North and temperatures are 10-15 degrees cooler. We adventured to White Spar campground & had a great time! Being outside is so good for you.  It took us a lot longer then we expected with all the Labor Day traffic but once we arrived we were finally able to relax.

Since we had three families each of us took a meal.  Our friends Jenn and Eric made a yummy dinner Friday night, we were on for breakfast and our friends Chris and Cynthia made dinner Saturday.  It makes it so much easier to break up meals this way.


We had a relaxing morning then headed to Goldwater Lake for a picnic.  We brought our kayaks with us but all the bees swarming during the picnic, we packed up and headed back to the campground. We planned a movie night (see pic below) and watched the Great Outdoors movie on a portable movie screen.  We all loved watching it outside.


We decided to explore downtown Prescott.  They have some beautiful Victorian homes close to downtown.  My daughter thought it was a castle and my son thought the house (see below) looked like the house from the Despicable Me movie.  In downtown, we walked around a craft fair and had lunch at the Raven.  The food was great.  After a late lunch we headed back to the campground to grab our trailers to head home.  We wanted to beat the traffic.  On the drive home we stopped at Rock Springs for a yummy apple pie.


We had more family time.  We headed over to my brother in laws neighborhood.  The HOA sponsored a water slide party in the park.  The kids had so much fun.  My favorite part was watching the kids enjoy the dunk tank!  Lots of laughs!  We ended the weekend with some yummy BBQ.


What a great weekend!  Hope you enjoyed your time off too!

Luv, Kelly

Enjoy the pics!