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Lower Antelope Canyon: Travel Guide

Have you ever heard of Antelope Canyon? If you haven’t I am sure you have seen the pictures of the beautiful canyons.

Antelope Canyon is two separate, scenic slot canyons: Upper Antelope Canyon or “The Crack”; and Lower Antelope Canyon or “The Corkscrew”. It is located on Navajo land east of Page, Arizona.  It is a 5 hour drive from Phoenix AZ.   Its been on my bucket list for years and should be immediately added to your bucket list. I had very high expectations and it absolutely exceeded it!

Read on for my travel guide to Lower Antelope Canyon.

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Lower Antelope Canyon Guide- Book early

Exploring this natural wonder is amazing, be aware guided tours are required. There are two authorized tour operators to choose from who will not only bring you to the canyon, but also give you a breadth of information about the history, geology, and culture of the Antelope Canyon area.   

Antelope Canyon tours are very popular and highly recommend booking your tour and then the rest of your time around it.

Lower Antelope Canyon – The Tour

We choose Dixie Ellis’ Lower Antelope Canyon Tours and would rate our experience a 10 of 10. The other tour company is Kens Tour.  Our guide let us know that Dixie and Ken are actually siblings.  Their family was granted land many years ago and are the only ones that have the rights to conduct tours.  We asked but didn’t get much of an answer to why they split.

Map to the Tour

What to expect on the Lower Antelope Canyon Tour

Park in the lot, walk up to the building to check in.  They require you to check in 45 minutes BEFORE the start of your tour.  During check-in they give you a ticket you need to hold onto until they call your tour time (about 5 minutes before your tour).  They place you with a guide and you are quickly on your way. 

The guide starts with some great information about the canyons, how they were formed and the history of how they were discovered.  All of the information was great so pay attention.

  • Tour length is approximately 1 1/2 miles and just over 1 hour
  • This is a walking tour
    • You walk past the entire canyon before you enter through a series of staircases then walk back through on the canyon floor
  • Stairs: Be prepared to walk up and down many flights of stairs
  • Crowds: Be prepared for crowds.  Crowds are much worse at the beginning and thin out as you walk further into the slot canyon
  • Maximum number in each group is 15
  • They give you a bottle of water at the end of the tour but highly recommend bringing water with you during your tour!
Don’t forget to look up!

Rules and Regulations of Dixie Ellis’ Lower Antelope Canyon Tour

  • All Guests must remain with their designated tour guide
  • Climbing on the Canyon walls is not allowed
  • No selfie sticks, tripods, monopods or go-pros are allowed
  • NO BACKPACKS OR PURSES are allowed during your tour
  • Talking pictures on the stairs or posing for pictures on the stairs is NOT allowed
  • Dress appropriately.  Wear walking shoes and comfortable clothes

Lower Antelope Canyon: Photography

Photographers will be in absolute heaven snapping photos, but the famous light beams are not always visible. Beams occur most often during the summer, with the best views between late March and early October.  Please make your plans accordingly.  Our tour of Lower Antelope Canyon was at 10:30 and the light was amazing.  The light beams are supposed to be more prominent in the Upper Canyon but we did see them in the Lower Antelope Canyon too.

Inside the canyon walls

Regardless of when you go, you will be treated to beautiful waves of red rocks and amazing slot canyons.  I cannot imagine beyond disappointed with either tour.  Our tour guide was amazing and helping us get the best pictures possible.  He suggested camera settings, angles, and took lots of group pictures for us too.  We were beyond happy with all the help he provided in helping us get the best pictures possible.

Tip: don’t forget to look up.  A few of my favorite shots are from looking into the blue sky. Somehow the sky seems bluer and the walls seem a deeper shade or red & orange.   Every direction you look you will want to capture. I took over 250 pictures in one hour.  Here are my favorite images captured on the tour of Lower Antelope Canyon

My Photography

Brilliant Colors and Shapes
The light is amazing
Waves of Color
Rocky Mountain Sunrise
Shark Smiles

Lower Antelope Canyon: The finale

The “Seahorse” is one of my favorite images from the day.  It was one of the last pictures I took (thank you to our tour guide) and near the end.  After this one it is only a climb up to get out.

I cannot highly recommend a visit to Lower Antelope Canyon enough.  We are beyond thrilled that we had the opportunity to visit and am now adding Upper Antelope Canyon on my “list”. 

Go book your tour right now!

My crew!

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