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Pinterest Best Practices: Tips for creating a Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest Best Practices: Keep reading to learn more

Are you on Pinterest? Well most people are since it is one of the top search engines.   I recently watched a webcast with the Pinterest Head of product marketing Sarah Hoople Shere.  It was amazing insight into how to get the most out of Pinterest including Pinterest Best Practices. I love Pinterest and use it regularly.  Follow me here if you are not already. If you are a blogger, company or simply want to utilize pinterest to get the most out, here are so simple tips for Pinterest Best Practice for creating a Pinterest Strategy.

Pinterest Best Practices. Find out what bloggers and pinners need to know at


Your Pinterest Account: Pinterest Best Practices

Pinterest Best Practices on

  •  Sign up for a Business Account: allows you to see your analytics to see how your pins are performing, your audience and demographics
    • Ensure your pinterest account and blog have consistent data, links and information
  • Log-in to Pinterest regularly: Weekly or Bi-weekly
  • Claim your website
  • Create and save pins on a regular basis
  • You can be very successful on pinterest without a large following. Your followers represent a small portion of your reach on Pinterest

Content: Pinterest Best Practices

Make sure your pins come from your blog and from pinterest.  Ask your followers to pin your content from your website.  Also join group boards to extend your reach.  You can search pinterest, group pin, etc to find boards that are relevant to your content.

Putting time into Pinterest early on can really benefit you in the long run since it’s used as a search engine. A pin of yours can be picked up and get traction at any time, keeping visitors coming to your blog or business.

Pin Images: Pinterest Best Practices


  • Another Pinterest best practice is that if you have a pin that is not performing the way you hoped, Pinterest recommends to create a fresh version with an updated description instead of deleting the pin.
  • Lifestyle images work well on pinterest and recommend a 2:3 ratio vertical images as a best practice
  • Confirm the URL you list on your pin directs to the content/blog article directly.
  • Avoid logo placement in the corner of your pin
  • Pin descriptions must match your content page
  • Pins with a Call to Action (CTA) perform better on Pinterest
  • Images do not have to be exact but its a good Pinterest best practice to have a similar look and feel to represent your brand.
  • Text needs to have similar words

Keywords: Pinterest Best Practices

The best tool to use on pinterest is the guided search bar.  The guided search bar will display keywords Pinterest recommends you utilize in your pin description.  Think about how you and your audience search for information/content on Pinterest.  What terms would you use to search: Broad? Generic? Specific?  All could be good keywords to add to your pin description.  Keywords is a Pinterest best practice since they help the pins perform better.

Pinterest will continue to update and make small tweaks going forward.  This Pinterest Best practices was updated in April 2018.  I hope you find it helpful.  Follow this blog to see further updates going forward.


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