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How Tailwind can help grow Pinterest and Instagram

When I decided I wanted to blog to be able to work from home, I couldn’t wait to become that blogger that made $2,000 a month blogging or reach over 100,000 page views a month! Well I haven’t got there YET. But pretty great things ARE happening. My page views are increasing but not at the pace I wanted.  I kept hearing about this tool that is free to try: Tailwind.

Have you ever heard of Tailwind? 

If you are a blogger or business owner, you have most likely heard of it but may not know why you need tailwind to grow your blog/business.  I am always trying everything I can think of before spending money on my blog but finally took the plunge and invested in Tailwind. And I saw the results while I was still on the free plan! I know how frustrating it can be as a beginner blogger to have to keep investing in one tool after another to grow your blog.

BTW, If you haven’t started your blog yet, head over here as I show you how I set my blog up from in 10 minutes!

O.K., so you might be thinking why do I need it. Tailwind is the complete Pinterest and Instagram marketing toolkit for

  • bloggers and small businesses.
  • You can schedule Posts, Discover Content, Monitor Conversations, Amplify your Reach, and Measure Results.

All with One Tool: Tailwind

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Some awesome things about why you need Tailwind:

  • It’s approved by Pinterest (so you don’t have to worry about it Pinterest cracking down on it, or your account being banned for using it.)
  • You can get unlimited pins for $9.99 a month (paid annually). Psst… It’s more cost effective than BoardBooster.
  • The drag and drop system is very easy and intuitive to use.

How much time do YOU want to spend figuring out when to post to Pinterest and Instagram? None? Me neither. I let tailwindapp Smart Schedule do it for me. Start with a free trial and get us both $15 off if/when you upgrade. AND you will want to upgrade because you will start to see results immediately.

Another cool part of Tailwind is Tailwind Tribes

Tribes help you to meet and grow with other marketers/bloggers/etc. Tribes will also help you with two key problems that social marketers face everyday:

  1. Having a steady supply of high-quality content to share
  2. Getting your posts seen and shared by the right people

With this tool, you will be able to add your own content to a Tribe and have others view. You can schedule and share your content to their own audience too. This is so helpful because not only are you sharing your own content, but you are leveraging the collectively large audience of your peers.

Here is how it works:

Let’s say that you have created a Tribe with a few of your friends. While your searching and scheduling Pins across the web, you will be able to hand-pick content you would like to share with your Tribe members. Since the other Tribe members are doing the same, you end up with a pool of content by people you know and trust.

Although collaborating, networking and sharing content is not a new strategy, Tribes makes it easier for anyone to build a relationships and develop a healthy marketing strategy. Are you part of Pinterest or Facebook groups? If so, its likely they already have a tribe created and you can join.  You can also search for Tribes on your own within the Tailwind site.

OK, that is it. It is so easy to sign up!  What are you waiting for???

Let me know if you have any questions AND Be sure to sign up for my blog to get all my future blog posts!

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