The Five Stages of a Home Remodel

Are you looking to do a home remodel?

Here are the five stages of a home remodel you will experience…. from my perspective of course.

If you have ever lived through a remodel you know there are many stages. We are in the final stages of a remodel on our house. I am a remodel TV show addict such a fixer upper, Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, Etc but taking on a remodel in your own home is a completely new experience.  Are you envious of most of the people on TV shows because they don’t actually live in the house that is typically being remodeled DURING the home remodel. S0, I am happy to report that my family and I did survive but the stress level in our home has been off the charts.  After checking online (thank you google) to see if someone listed the stages and here is what I found in the 5 stages of a remodel:

Planning: Stage One of the Five stages of a home remodel

Budgeting: Stage Two of the Five stages of a home remodel

Demolition: Stage Three of the Five stages of a home remodel

Construction: Stage Four of the Five stages of a home remodel

Cleanup: Stage Five

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Ok, I don’t know about you but this gave me a good laugh.  Ok maybe each step is technically correct but if you think you are only gonna Cleanup on step 5 you will be in shock!! I have never seen so much dust in my life and HELLO people I live in Arizona in the middle of Dust Storm Central.  Ever heard of haboobs?  Well picture this:

five stages of a home remodel at

Picture this much dust in your house EVERYDAY. (joking, of course)

Here are the 5 Stages of a home remodel (which I think are more accurate):

  • Planning: Stage 1 of 5 Stages of a home remodel

    • You are so excited to have the home of your dreams.  Then you have searched for hours on Pinterest, Houzz, HGTV shows, Magazines.  Now comes the Happy and Clueless Phase.  Ok not clueless but unless you have been through a remodel you have no idea what is coming and what you are about to take on. Did you know that are like 150 different shades or white, gray, browns, etc?  Well you will know.  And not only will you know but you
  • Budgeting: Step 2 of 5 Stages of a home remodel

    • Yes always have a budget in mind but also remember there will be unexpected costs you could have never anticipated.  I have never been to Home Depot, Lowes, Cabinet shops, Amazon, etc so often.  Ok maybe Amazon (lol)
  • Demolition/Destruction/ Construction aka Stage 3 of 5 Stages of a home remodel

    • Sounds evil doesn’t it. Here if probably the worst of it.  This is where living in your own house during construction feels like you are in a prison or trapped.  OK, maybe a slight exaggeration but only slight 🙂  This is when the workers start taping off walls, cabinets, windows, etc. Be prepared to eat out alot especially if you are having anything in your kitchen changed.  Remember to add this to your Stage 2 budget costs.  And don’t forget (like I did) to get out the paper plates, cups, bowls and plastic utensils otherwise those budgeting costs are for every meal.  Oh and during this phase keep in mind that if you are having more than one part of your house remodeled, this part may take more time.  For example we had our house painted, tiles floors torn up and changed to wood plank tile, our kitchen cabinets painted and a built in center changed and rebuilt basically all at the same time.  It only became complicated when the team wanted to demo the entertainment center on the day the cabinets were being painted.  It made the process longer but I didn’t want dust in my newly painted WHITE cabinets.
  • Clean-up

    • I had to throw this in as another step because remember my dust comment above.  Well during Stage 3 you will be tempted to clean everyday.  You certainly can but its a total waste of your time.  I cannot tell you how many times I wiped down my counter-tops and it was never clean  UNTIL the construction crews were gone.
  • Almost there Stage 4: Only 1 last step of the 5 Stages of a home remodel

    • Close to the finish line but here is where it gets complicated.  Unless you are super organized and prepared, this is when you have to pick finishes, etc.  (Remember the budget during this process)  For example now that you are seeing the finish line everything else in your house now looks different. Remember the table you loved? or that comfortable chair? or that picture you/your kids painted? Well now all of it doesn’t look right or fit the new style.  Be prepared to spend a lot of time picking out little things like cabinet knobs, trim, shelves, rugs, new pictures, doormats, window coverings and the list goes on and on.  Let alone big things like furniture.  Stay calm during this and keep in end result in mind.
  • Clean-up:

    • This is when you clean before you clean.  Anyone have house cleaners and you clean before the cleaners show up?  If so you  know exactly what I am talking about.

  • The Finale: Stage 5 of 5 Stages of a home remodel

    • Do your happy dance! Put furniture (new or old), pictures, etc back in place or find a new place.  Now sit back and Enjoy your beautiful new house!

OK.  I don’t want you to read all of this and get scared.  That is definitely not my intention.  You will encounter stress, frustration, etc BUT it will be completely worth it!  I absolutely love my new house and the 5 stages of a home remodel are completely worth it!


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