Top 10 Essential Oils for beginners

My top 10 essential oils for beginners and why I use Young Living Essential Oils.

First let me tell you why I use and love essential oils.

I was introduced to Essential oils by my friend Jenn.  I was telling her about how my daughter was having a hard time sleeping.  So much so that I actually purchased a child safe sleeping pill to help her.  After giving her the pills for a week I decided to look at the ingredient list.  Let me tell you I almost lost my mind when the first ingredient was sugar. I obviously immediately stopped those at that moment.  Jenn said she had been trying essential oils for her family and really saw a difference.  She gave me a sample of lavender and I decided to give it a try.  I had tried lavender for myself and never thought to give it to my children.  BUT it made all the difference for my daughter.

Jenn let me know that she only will use Young Living essential oils because they have the best quality oil.  I looked into this and she was right. After learning that, I was on board with trying to use something different than only traditional medicine for my family.

Top reasons I decided to use oils:

  • #1 reason: Support the health of my family!
    • Sleep or Snoring Issues
    • Cold and Flu Season
    • Alternative and healthier cleaning solution
    • Stress and Anxiety

Top 10 Essential oils for beginners and why I use them:

  1. Lavender: Helps promote a good nights rest. Sleep AHHHH!
  2. Peppermint:  Helps reduce a fever, wakes me up/gives me energy in the morning, and helps with an upset stomach
  3. Lemon: Add to a glass of water to help digestion and kill germs, to help focus and retain information, remove crayon marks from walls.
  4. Thieves: Use as my favorite natural cleaner (add a couple drops to water bottle), relieve tooth pain, helps cold symptoms.
  5. Valor: Helps to reduce SNORING and Anxiety, absolutely one of my favorite oils
  6. Eucaluptus: Good choice when you have a cold
  7. PanAway or Deep Relief: For Aches, Pains and Headaches
  8. Purification: My go to oil for bug bites or cleaning the air
  9. Frankencense: Great oil to help with wrinkles
  10. Peace and Calming or Stress Away: The name says it all.  Everyone needs less stress and more calm in their lives.

Top 10 Essential oils

Most of these oils are found in the Young Living Starter kit found here if your interested in purchasing them. Or I also have a network of friends who can help too.

Reasons to chose Young Living:

  1. They’ve been around the longest and had the most to offer.

  2. They are the only Essential Oil company in the USA that owns it’s own farms, see pictures below.

  3. Their quality is second to none. They have the best oils on the planet.

  • Quality matters. You get what you pay for, cheap=poor quality

I got the chance during my summer road trip (Click on the links to read more about our adventures to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National & White water rafting) to visit the Young Living Farm in Mona Utah.  It is worth your time to stop if you are driving through Utah. The grounds are beautiful and its a great place to see the farms where some of the oil comes from.

Young Living lavender field

Young Living Farm

Young Living Farm Mona Utah Young Living Farm Mona Utah

Additional information

  • Since Young Living oils are 100% therapeutic grade some of the oils may need to be diluted with a carrier oil especially if you use for your kids
  • Check out my Pinterest Board on Essential Oils
  • 3 Ways to use Essential oils: Topically, Diffusing/Inhalation or Ingestion.
  • The oils will last for a long time, there’s no expiration date.  Keep the lids on tight.
  • The oils come in dark bottles and should be kept in a cool dark place.
  • Everyone’s body is different, so what works for me, may not work for you.  Just try one oil at a time to see what works best.
  • Please talk to your doctor if you are taking any medication, especially if you’re thinking about not taking your medication any longer
  • Find a guide to using essential oils here

I hope you start to use and love Essential oils too.  Let me know of any questions.

Luv, Kelly