Lessons learned when changing to Wood Plank Tile Floors

Lessons learned when we changed to Wood Plank tile

OK so if you read my 5 stages of Remodel post, you know we recently remodeled our home and if you didn’t read it here.  I promise to make you giggle.

When we made of list of items we wanted to change about our home the floors were at the top of the list. We knew we wanted to replace our existing tile with Wood Plank tile floors.  I absolutely love the look of wood plank tile and had been admiring my friends homes for the past 3-4 years.  We had no clue where to start so we asked our contractor Mike at CJ Construction where to begin.  We had already been to local stores like Home Depot and Lowes but Mike recommended Floor and Decor.

Choosing your new tile

Floor and Decor has an amazing selection.  However that selection can be a bit overwhelming (at first).  They have thousands of square feet of different types of tile and 5-7 rows of just wood plank tile.  My husband and I came up with a game plan on how we pick.  First we each walked down each aisle.  We both wanted and needed our voices heard.  Changing out your tile is a huge commitment you are making and need to make sure you like what you picked.  After this, we each showed the other what we liked/choose.  I am very lucky because we are almost always on the same page when it comes to home decor.  However we both choose completely separate samples.  With so many options we talked about why we liked each.  We grabbed 3-4 of each tile picked to see them all next to each other.   I had not idea how many shades or brown, gray, brown/gray tiles existed.  Once we placed the picked tiles next to each other we both finally agreed on 3 different options.  I wanted to see how the tile would look in my house so we purchased one plank of each of the options.

Shopping at the tile store:

kelly luvs learning on wood plank tile kelly luvs learning on wood plank tile kelly luvs learning on wood plank tile

kelly luvs learning on wood plank tile

Bring the sample home to see how it looks in your space

Once we brought the samples home to see how they looked in our house we were SHOCKED.  We didn’t liked any of the tile we picked.  They looked SO different in  our house.  After spending so much time at the tile store we were both disappointed.  BUT we did agree to what we did want even if we didn’t take that sample home.  Keep in mind we were changing floors and cabinets so we had to keep both in mind.  We also decided to keep our existing carpet too so the new tile had to match many different spaces.  Once we returned the picked tile and brought home the new sample we knew we choose the right one.  We both loved it.  It was the right combination of matching but standing out (in all the right ways).  Next came the tile destruction phase

Tile Destruction and the fire alarm

As I mentioned above we had existing tile we needed to have removed.  This is where I STRONGLY recommend you hire a contractor.  It took 4 people all day to remove our existing tile and it was hard work.  The noise of jack hammers will ring in my head for awhile. Oh and the funny (not so funny) part was I had to stand by them because the mess kept triggering our fire alarms.  Oh boy jack hammering and fire alarms together….. It was a rough day. LOL.  At the end of the day the team had removed all the tile and we were left with cement floors.

Before:   kelly luvs learning on wood plank tile        After:  kelly luvs learning on wood plank tile       kelly luvs learning on wood plank tile kelly luvs learning on wood plank tile

Laying of the floors

Again this is where it could get ugly and STRONGLY recommend you find a contractor to lay the floors.   I know you are more than capable but make your life easier and hire someone.  For me it was completely worth the money we spent.  Instead of ugly this is where you see what your new tile will look like and we absolutely choose the right tile for our home, it is BEAUTIFUL!

kelly luvs learning on wood plank tile kelly luvs learning on wood plank tile

The Finale:

Once the floors are laid you need to stay off them while the tiles set.  They recommended 12-24 hours.  This was a bit of a challenge for my family (hello we have two kids) 🙂   Also, this is when I recommend you look at each tile closely and from a distant to match sure you have the look you like.  I had the crew replace two of the tiles because I didn’t like how they looked next to each other.  Wood plank tiles vary widely from tile to tile so please keep this in mind when you are looking over them.

Next comes the grouting of the tile.  Another choice you will need to make in the flooring process.  We choose grout to match the tile to get more of a cohesive look.  However you can choose grout to make the tiles stand out too.  It is a personal preference.  Since our tile is multi-colored we choose the grout that matched the most pieces of tile.

Our new floors:

kelly luvs learning on wood plank tile

We love what feels like a brand new home.  We feel like our house matches our personalities now.  Now onto the next project…. just kidding. Stay tuned on the next post about how we changed our kitchen cabinets and outside color of our house and what an impact it made!